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Quick Story...

I begin my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 13. I can honestly say I didn't know at the time that's what I was doing. I had this hobby of creating websites on BlackPlanet! Learning the basic HTML codes to add scrolling text and moving images on my page gave me an upper hand over my classmates, aka my first clients. I took it a step further when Yahoo! allowed you to create free websites on their Geocities platform. My coding knowledge increased a level to match others who were also building in that space. While the passion for this never died, it took a back seat when I became a mom. 
This new role opened my eyes to other skills I possessed and wanted to share with others. In 2017, I created Hello Organization. My first business housed my current services along with many others like home organizing, document writing, resume revisions, and more! Back then, I just wanted to help everyone. Now, I understand I have to focus on the things that bring me and my clients the most fulfillment. After rebranding... TWICE,
Authentic Expressions is finally where I want it to be. 
I truly enjoy what I do, and I am deeply thankful for those who allow me to do these things for them!

I look forward to working with you soon!

Mary B 

I'm Mary

About Me
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I believe that every business owner should have a solid branding foundation, guidance from like-minded peers or mentors, and tools to improve. I uphold these beliefs by providing affordable services to aid in brand development, establishing a network of clients (entrepreneurs), and offering means to enhance your business. 
To give room to every individual with a passion or dream. Providing services to assist and a space that gives a feeling of belonging to those who feel unsure at any point of their entrepreneurial journey. 


frequently asked questions

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Contact Me

i'd Love To Hear From 


Leave your details and a quick message and I'll be in touch soon. I generally respond as soon as possible but please allow up to 48 hours for a response. 

Thanks for submitting!

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Terms & Policies

revised 01.2023

Terms and Policies are subject to change

timely communication

Communication Rules The Nation. I strive to maintain consistent communication throughout the process. I am available via multiple means of communication such as phone, text messages, email, and the chat or contact section on the website. I am usually working in some form and may not respond immediately, so please give us at least 24-72 hours to receive a reply. 

Order requirements and process

After our consultation, I will email or text a quote for our project. Once the quote has been accepted, you will receive an email* with some Homework to complete. It is crucial to have the Homework returned by our agreed upon date. If the Homework is delayed, that will also delay your completion date. Please note there will not be a discount or refund for the project not being complete on your estimated date due to delays. If some portions of the Homework are complete but not others, I will begin working with what I have for at least 72 hours. If all homework is not sent after 72hrs from the start date, the client will be responsible for a Hold Fee of $10. This fee will be added to the final invoice and  will put our project on hold until all Homework is done.

client's homework

This is the only part of the process you are truly needed for! *lol* Your Homework will consist of tasks that only you can do. You'll tell us more details about your brand and about your vision for the project. We may also need some account information or detailed specific things so no two Homework assignments are the same. During our consult, we agree upon a day prior to our start date for your Homework to be in. You have 72 hours after that date to ensure all Homework is complete and do not incur any fees or delays added to our project. 

payment policy

Depending on the nature of the project, full payment or a deposit of half may be due to begin services. The type of payment needed will be discussed during our consult. Additional payment arrangements can be made at that time if needed. Once we have agreed upon our terms, the invoice to follow will reflect that agreement. After the invoice has been sent, and the initial payment has been received, any modifications to the terms must be made in writing to

please see additional payment terms on your invoice

Refund policy

Due to the nature of  services offered, all services are non-refundable. By purchasing services or products on you are agreeing to this policy.

privacy policy

Protecting your privacy is very important to us at Authentic Expressions. By using our website, you consent to the data collection practices as detailed.

Authentic Expressions may collect the following information in order to efficiently conduct business and provide clients with products and services available on our website. This identifiable information may consist of:
Your First & Last Name
Your Address
Your E-mail Address
Your Phone Number
Your Account Logins - social and webhosting if needed
+ other information

When making a purchase on our website, Authentic Expressions will also collect needed billing information to process payments. 

revision Policy

content revisions

All custom content projects are allotted 3 FREE revisions. After the third revision, there will be a charge of $10 for each revision request. The turn around time for revisions is 24-48 hrs. The fee for revisions is due immediately if the full amount was paid upfront, or it will be added to the invoice if a balance is on your account. The final product will not be sent until the invoice is resolved.

website revisions

Websites are allotted 2 FREE revisions per page. After the second revision, there will be a charge of $20 for each revision request. This charge will be added based on your project payment agreement. If due immediately, changes will not be made until the payment is submitted. If invoiced, the charge will be added to your final invoice.

content drafts

To review and select content, you will receive at least 2 draft options to select from. These drafts are for selection purposes only. Once you have selected your design, you do have to option to purchase the other designs. You are not authorized to use the other designs without payment or permission. If you would like to purchase drafts as future content, all drafts remain on file with  Authentic Expressions for 1 year. 

photos for content

We recommend that only high-quality images are sent to use in content. Photos that appear blurry once uploaded or that fail to meet hosting requirements will not be used. You will be notified via email* of any concerns and given proper time to correct the issue. If you need a professional photo shoot booked, please let me know during our consultation and I will connect you with a few referrals.


After projects are complete, work designed may be used for advertisement. By sharing any photos, videos, logos, etc, you grant Authentic Expressions the right to use these items in advertisements as needed. If for any reason you wish to not be included, your request must be made in writing to
The email must include your name, the service that was done, and the description of your request. If your email service allows a read receipt, please select that option to ensure it reaches the correct inbo

Please allow 7-14 business days for all requested media to be removed. 

website maintenance

The website maintenance plan is offered to all Wix & Shopify clients. This service is great for business owners who don't have the time to make the needed site updates. Website maintenance plans start at $20 a month and include product uploads, banner updates, calendar assistance, and more.

template usage & details

Templates are available for purchase using the provided link on the
Services page. All templates are available through Canva and require a free Canva account. Some fonts may only be available in the example shown and not on the free version of Canva, be sure to read all details in the description. When opening your document on Canva, it is highly recommended to first create a copy of the document and work solely on that one. That will give you the document in multiple places and the ability to edit it freely when needed. 

printing policy

Printing services are available for some marketing material when described. When printing is requested, you will receive a separate quote that will cover all charges needed, including shipping if necessary. In order for print services to be submitted, payment in full is due upon delivery of the invoice. Failure to pay at that time could result in a delay of the delivery date stated. I currently work with 2 printing vendors. Printing turn around times averages from 3-10 business days.


When collaborating on projects, all work details will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the start of the project. Both parties agree to the shared usage of the design(s). 

*(our agreed upon form of communication)

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